Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if there is damage to my property?

  1. A.All photo and film crews are fully insured. In some cases we also ask for a ’damage deposit’ and you will receive a separate cheque before the hire. If this is not enough to cover the damage then we shall ensure the client pays the difference.

Q. Will details of my address be made public?

  1. A.Your privacy is paramount to us, and we will never publish nor divulge your full address to potential clients. We will only give out your name and address once you have confirmed the booking.

Q. How much does it cost to register with Star Locations?

  1. A.It’s free to register! On each job you get from us we’ll take a 20% commission on the agreed hire fee. Our full Terms and Conditions are available upon enquiry.

Q. When do I get paid?

  1. A.Sometimes payment is up front, while other clients can take up to 30 days. As soon as we receive payment we will immediately pay you.

Q. Should I get my property photographed by a professional?

  1. A.Better photographs make better impressions to potential clients. Locations with good photos definitely get more bookings and interest. You can do it yourself without hiring anybody - Put your camera on a tripod or steady surface, tidy up, and wait for a sunny day. Make sure the images are in focus. If you like, we can send a professional photographer for £150 to take pictures of your property.

Q. My question is not up here!

  1. A.Give us a call, write us an email, or ask here.

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