STAR LOCATIONS is always looking for new location houses and venues and does not ask that these are exclusive to STAR LOCATIONS. To become a location house for photo shoots, TV or film, please see our Register your Property section. We need to see images of your property to be considered for location work since its suitability will depend upon its style, size, layout and décor and of course its geographical location. There is no particular style of location property that we look for since our clients are constantly looking to vary their choice of location house. Clients approach us for venues, bars, clubs, photographic studios as well as private and industrial locations.

A typical day for a photo shoot would start at 9am and finish at 6pm. TV and film tend to be longer hours and often will ask for a 12 hour day. A photo shoot is a smaller affair and on average a team of 7 – 12 people would attend, whereas a film averages 30-50 people, of course, the location owner is rewarded financially for the difference and it is true to say that a photo shoot will pay between £500 and £1000 per day and film in excess of £1200.

Your privacy is paramount to us, and we will never publish or divulge your full address to potential clients. We will only give out your name and address once you have confirmed the booking. Your details will never be made public.

All photo and film crews are fully insured. In some cases we also ask for a ’damage deposit’ and you will receive a separate cheque before the hire. If this is not enough to cover the damage then we shall ensure the client pays the difference.

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STAR LOCATIONS agency represents locations across London and offers a vast selection of UK and International locations. Our location database can be searched for photo shoot locations, TV locations and film locations. We offer private and commercial locations for press events, product launches, music videos. We have provided locations for photographic stills, TV shows, reality shows, dramas, documentaries, blockbuster films and TV commercials, as well as food events, art exhibitions, pop-up shops, private dinners, birthday parties, corporate parties and weddings.  

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